Recharge and Relish

I just returned from an incredible few days at a Ministers’ Wives Retreat. It’s amazing how spending time with other women who have so much in common with you can really give you a new perspective on life and give that needed “recharge.”  As a minister’s wife, I am reminded that I not only need to remember to take that vacation with my family, but I need to set aside time for me. If my physical and spiritual battery is drained, well… then there’s just no way I’m gonna make it up that hill that’s around the bend.

Upon my return, only my youngest (my tween) of my three daughters is home. The other two are away at a teen camp. Needless to say, as we were grocery shopping, she reminded me how much she was enjoying being an “only child” even if it was just for a few days.

It made me realize how precious “time” is with each of my children. They each need mom and dad time alone. Sometimes instead of treating my girls like individuals, I treat them like a litter…. forgetting that they are all so different and each of them has different needs, likes, and dislikes.

Get alone with your kids if possible and relish the time cause it’s priceless.